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The UK’s Leading Healthcare Recruitment Agency

At GA Professional Healthcare we’re dedicated to providing our Clients and  Candidates with an efficient and dependable solution to their needs.

The healthcare environment is vast, and it requires experienced professionals who are passionate about what they do. We’re on the front line for healthcare recruitment in the UK, so it’s up to us to ensure that the healthcare environment is gaining the best and most qualified staff available.

We have a vast pool of experts in our database, including dedicated Social Workers, Mental Health Practitioners and as a Healthcare Agency we  boast of a specialist pool of Nurses,  Healthcare assistants, Carers,  Domiciliary care workers, Live in care workers, Medical technologists and many more professionals to meet your healthcare needs. 

How we can help

Whether you’re looking for regular work as a Social Worker, Registered Nurse, Domiciliary Nurse/Care worker or you want to expand your healthcare team, you’ve come to the right place.

By working closely with our Healthcare agency, you can be confident in locating suitably qualified healthcare professionals for your private or public healthcare sector needs. We specialize in providing both permanent and temporary staffing solutions across the country.

We are always on the look-out for the latest and best candidates and clients in healthcare, which means that we will certainly have something for you in our large network of candidates and jobs. 

Our Story

GA Professional Healthcare was founded by Gloria Anusionwu a vastly experienced healthcare professional with 25 years of experience in the healthcare industry. Gloria started as a Registered Nurse & Midwife, trained as Critical care nurse and has alot of healthcare management experience working within the private, independent, NHS, community and domiciliary care sectors.

Gloria founded GA Professional Healthcare Limited because she wanted to invest more time in healthcare and utilise her knowledge and experience to create an agency that clients and candidates can rely on. 

GA professional Healthcare started off in the Nursing and Domiciliary Care sector and achieved success whilst growing within this sector, and in response to popular demand following advise by our clients we are exploring the Social Work sector.

With a plan for growth and development in mind we brought in a dedicated resourcng team to cater and create our database of qualified & experienced social workers on the market. This puts us in the best position to assist our clients in a prompt & professional manner.

We work directly with line managers/ Hiring managers and Local Authorites as much as possible as we conduct market research and discovered this is the quickest & most efficient way to assist local authorities achieve their recruitment needs.

At GA professionals we understand the strain that local authorities are currently facing as such we work with local authorities to ensure our agency fees and margins are fair for both ourselves and our clients.

So if you have any recruitment needs or just want to have a chat to get more information give us a call and lets see if we can help bridge the gap between your recruitment needs and quality social workers. 

Our aim as a healthcare recruitment agency

We are committed to providing a professional, reliable, dependable, and personable service, which is tailored to your needs. as we provide excellent service and care for every individual service need.

We understand the need to provide a high standard of hands-on care to patients. After all, they are the focus in everything we do. As an agency, we strive to ensure excellence is all we offer as a recruitment agency to clients and candidates.

Nothing overwhelms us as an agency. If you require nursing staff on an urgent basis, then we will grasp the challenge with both hands. We will locate the competent and capable staff in no time.

Our agency is known for its remarkable and unparalleled healthcare services in comparison to the other competitors in the market. We make the process simple! 

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